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30 Jul

There is something about hunting for hidden gems in the creative abyss of a community that gives me an incredible rush. Deep down there, in the abyss, is something for each and every one of us. Whether you like comedy, poetry, art, music, video, or any other artistic medium.

Today I received a copy of @BrianHopeComedy’s Best of Twitter booklet “Life of Brain”. I chuckled as soon as I opened the envelop. The booklet has the appearance of an over-sized passport and has the feel of one of those ancient German-Latin hymn books my Oma used to have in every room of the house.

“Life of Brain” a collection of the best tweets from @BrianHopeComedy

Some of my favourite Life of Brain Tweets:

“If my wife owned a black-light I would have a lot of explaining to do.”  
What guy wouldn’t have this issue?

“My superpower is that I have the ability to own every single type of battery with the exception of the one I need.”
Admit it, we’ve all been there!

“My wife thinks it’s funny when I forget to do my zipper up. Security at Toys R Us doesn’t.”
I can only imagine the awkwardness of explaining you’re not a pervert, simply an airhead.

“Seeing a motivational speaker with no arms talk about all of the obstacles he has overcome inspired me to write this tweet with my penis.”
The only thing I have to say to this one: It really took you that long to try it?

“Wow – did that lady ever get mad when I corrected her after she said ‘I’m not just a pretty face’.”
Foot-in-mouth disease, happens to me all the time!

Brian said that some people refer to Life of Brain as perfect bathroom reading, but in my house that title is only bestowed on the bible, fifty shades of vampire type porn, crossword puzzles, and the Ottawa Sun. Life of Brain will spend some time on my living room table and then graduate up to the spare bedroom to tickle our guests before bed.

If you enjoyed the bits and pieces I shared with you here please follow Brian Hope on twitter @BrianHopeComedy and visit his website!

Who is Brian Hope?


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