Theo Fleury: a Survivor, a Role model

26 Jul









In light of the Penn State scandal I randomly replied to someone’s tweets stating that I could not conceive anypunishment that would be sufficient for a child molester and those who stood by and did nothing. To my surprise I received a reply from Theo Fleury himself asking me to focus on helping survivors of child sexual abuse heal instead. I am a child and youth worker, no not a social worker, the definition of a CYW (also referred to as a Child and Youth Care Worker) can be found here. From the short time I have worked in the field I am dumbfounded at how little support and resources there are for the victims and how much concern is placed around the accused. The current approach to dealing with child sexual abuse is flawed. It’s broken. Kaput. In shambles. It needs fixing. Badly.

I can think of only a handful of people as brave as Theoren “Theo” Fleury. A victim of child sexual abuse while playing junior hockey in the 1980’s Fleury has come forward in a compelling autobiography “Playing With Fire”. Order your copy today

In 2010 he decided to file a complaint against his former junior hockey coach Graham James, James was sentenced to two years in a federal penitentiary. To me and many others two years for child sexual abuse is a travesty and a gross injustice to his victims and any other child/youth who suffered/is suffering through sexual abuse. Listen to Theo Fleury’s victim impact statement.

For more information and resources try some of the following links

  2. Little Warriors
  3. Kid’s Help Phone

Remember speak out until someone hears you!


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